In 1983, Hector Barreto, former President of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, met with Ernie Aguilar, Armando Garcia, Ruben Calixto, and Alfredo Longoria to discuss the possibility of establishing a Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Shortly after, on July 29th, 1983, Ernie Aguilar, Armando Garcia, and Ruben Calixto filed Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State and founded the Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Bylaws of the organization were written and provided for the election of a nine-member Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors elected Ernie Aguilar as the first president. Aguilar had successfully established an international business network facilitating trade and developing good relations between Mexico and Washington Corporations.

Since then, the Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has created business seminars and programs, regular quarterly meetings, a newsletter, an annual banquet, Cinco de Mayo celebration, and established the first mentoring and scholarship program for Hispanic students.

The Chamber continues to improve its existing programs and look for new ways to enhance the Hispanic business community.


Our Mission

The King County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the advancement of the Hispanic business community through economic, political, and educational initiatives.


• Provide resources and opportunities for members to create, develop, and maintain successful businesses.
• Build an infrastructure that sustains and enhances alliances within the Hispanic business community.

• Influence legislation, policies, and programs that impact Hispanic business.
• Support the next generation of Hispanic business professionals and community leaders.


Economic development, prosperity, and community stewardship are the primary goals of and the vision that guides the chamber. We are committed to supporting programs that allow businesses to grow and thrive, encouraging government to fulfill its stewardship responsibilities, increasing partnerships with other organizations, and offering opportunities for businesses to support each other.